UrbanFrame plan builder makes designing your space easy. Have a look through the different plans UrbanFrame has to offer then head over to our "Design Your Space" page to build the house fit for your needs. 

You can choose from many different options including storage for the bedroom, kitchen and laundry options and even a deck. 

Check out the plan builder here

Prices can vary depending on which plan you choose and which extra options you include. You can either choose the base plan which will only include the basics, or add different options to your plan like bedroom storage or a deck. 

To get an accurate cost for your plan, head over to our plan builder here and check out what options and plan is right for you.

Using the UrbanFrame plan builder on our "Design Your Space" page, you can select which plan you would like to build and what extra options you would like to come with it. This includes bedroom storage, kitchen, bathroom and laundry options, flooring and the inclusion of a deck. Once everything is confirmed, UrbanFrame will out the plan together and deliver it to your site to be put together.