Have a look through the different plans UrbanFrame has to offer then contact us to discuss the options for that plan to fit your needs.

You can choose from many different options including storage for the bedroom, kitchen and laundry options.

We will give you an on-site package price this includes kitchen, laundry, bathroom, flooring standard piles and concrete. Ready to connect on-site.  We have the ability to take out joinery and flooring options so you can make your UrbanFrame unique to suit you.

Transport to your site is included in your quote, this includes standard wooden piles and concrete.

We have a mortgage broker who understands our prefabricated systems and can help you get you into your own UrbanFrame home.

We have 3 ply options, Birch, NZ Pine or Gaboon finished in a water based polyurethane.  Doors and door jams are painted white.

We use Colorsteel Corrugate 0.40 Maxx exterior cladding, you have a choice from the standard Colorsteel range of colours.